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"Our main objective was to re-think traditional packaging methodology. Used as a tool to showcase our ability to think & work beyond convention, we determined from the out-set that drawing inspiration from uncommon sources was essential to the success of the project. Cue the Terpentine: An attractive shape, an airtight seal, something unexpected. This container delivered on all counts, but how to break from the unfriendly, industrial, and for all intensive purposes toxic associations we as consumers have made with that form?

A bright yet soft color palette combined with elegant and approachable serif type helps soften the brand against the harshness of material. A quick sand, prime, and dip in paint helps add some individuality among the products and re-enforces the handmade nature of the product, No two wishbones being exactly the same.”

AKA is not one of those big fancy agencies – they are a small focused design studio that works efficiently to make the most of budgets and timelines through their streamlined positioning and design process. They are a team that believes that “all work and no play makes for a dull day”. While they take their work seriously, they believe you need to enjoy the ride – as the journey is often just as important as the end result.

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Biwei Pan    |

"It’s a simple system created to help people make a sofa or a dormette from their own latex mattress. Photoed by Biwei Pan. Modeled by Hugo Dabin."

Graduated from China academy of art, Biwei has been studying and living in France for 3 years. Biwei is interested in reading and swimming and his motto is “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water”.

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Designs Would Put Surveillance Drones Over Hurricanes For A Week At A Time

The three designs above won a NASA competition to envision the next generation of hurricane surveillance drones. 

The agency asked teams to develop an unmanned aerial system (UAS) that could stay aloft for seven days at a time and offer persistent remote sensing over a period of five months. That timeframe covers a typical Atlantic hurricane season, and the agency’s goal is to closely follow storm formation from when a tropical wave moves off Africa’s west coast through the full life cycle of the weather system.

Current UASs used for tropical storm monitoring are similar to the military Global Hawk surveillance and security platform, and can only stay aloft for 24 hours at a time before they need to come home.

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